Yobi Software is an agile technology company that provides custom software solutions to our clients, from soup to nuts. Our passion for cutting edge thinking and technology, blended with solutions that are tried and tested produces the finest outcome for our clients. We help our clients innovate and provide exciting experiences for their users.

Headquartered in Southern California, we like to interact with our clients on a regular basis, and even co-locate with them if needed. Our offshore delivery centers are staffed with the best and the brightest, are excellent communicators, and genuinely care about service we provide.

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Meet the core team behind Yobi Software

Joe Mathews

Joe is the founder and CEO of Yobi Software, and is proud to lead an organization that strives everyday to be the best in its business. As an engineer with over 20 years of experience, Joe understands both technology and business, and how they compliment each other. He is passionate about creating value for his clients, and helping them achieve their business objectives. Joe and his team dedicate themselves to ensuring that every client is wowed by their experience of working with Yobi Software. This allows his clients to focus their resources on their core business, which in turn helps them be successful.

Joe lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two kids. He loves soccer, skiing and the outdoors.

Chitrank Samaiya

Chitrank leads the development of enterprise applications at Yobi Software, and brings with him almost a decade of experience in agile development using Ruby On Rails. In his past life, he has also worked in Java and C/C++. Chitrank has a passion for creating value in the form of beautiful, reliable software; and has the zeal for implementing best practices and learning new technologies.

Chitrank is an engineering graduate from Rajiv Gandhi Technical University.

Aravind M Divakaran

Aravind is a hacker at heart, and heads up the IT operations team at Yobi Software. Our clients rely on his team to ensure security, scalability, and high-availability of their applications and their infrastructure in general. Aravind's team is also responsible for managing databases and keeping them in top shape.

Aravind fell in love with Linux the first time he used it, and the bond has only grown stronger over the past decade. He brings a player-coach mentality to his work, and loves to give back to the Linux community.He is an engineering graduate of Mahatma Gandhi University.

Aravind's hobbies include listening to music, traveling, photography and cooking.

Gunanka DB

Gunanka heads up software delivery at Yobi Software. He is focussed in building a world-class software development environment that capitalizes on the diverse talent pool in the company. Gunanka leads the engineering teams to design and deliver software that helps our customers achieve their business objectives.

Gunanka is a graduate of the prestigious R. V. College of Engineering.

Outside work, Gunanka likes to travel, read, and play cricket.

Matthew Mathai

Matthew oversees Operations and HR at Yobi Software. He brings over 20 years of experience and passion for hiring staff, helping them grow professionally, and making work fun for everybody. Matthew brings leadership to the non-technical aspects of the company, and helps define company culture.

Outside work, Matthew likes to read, cook, and spend time with his wife and 3 daughters.

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