PageDoc connects patients with doctors when they need them the most. This built-to-fit mobile app ensures effortless communication between doctors and their patients anytime of the day, making consultations simpler.

PageDoc enables doctors and their staff to extend instant support to their regular patients round the clock. It also gives them the freedom to prioritize and respond to non-critical queries in their own time. Whenever needed, it directly connects the patient to the doctor, averting lengthy phone calls and unfriendly automated systems. Moreover, PageDoc also records a summary of all previous communications ensuring that the patient and the doctor are on the same page.


LiverTracker helps maintain, analyze and present patient data comfortably and makes it simple for the doctor to review lab results and medications. Through its innovative features, the software allows open communication among concerned healthcare professionals on individual cases, making work-flow smoother and facilitating complete documentation. In short, it is an ideal companion to manage performance, integration and synchronization leading to a positive patient experience.

LiverTracker assists healthcare professionals manage lives through intelligent, easy to navigate and detailed data analysis of patient reports. This leading-edge software helps hepatologists manage complex treatments with ease ensuring organized medication.